A 10-km loop around Savins

Having exhausted most of the possibilities in the hiking guide devoted to our immediate local area and keen to try out new paths, we got out an old guide for the whole département of the Seine-et-Marne where we live.

And so, on a sunny Sunday May morning, we found ourselves parking opposite the church on the main square of Savins, a beautiful little village just west of Provins and about half-an-hour from home.

The church in Savins

The trail that we hiked that day was just 10 kilometres, but it was ideal after a lengthy period of lockdown without much activity. The sky was blue, the fields were full of poppies, the terrain was beautifully undulating, spring was in the air and in our steps and, once again, we realized that we’re lucky enough to live in a beautiful area of the country whose charms, while not immediately apparent, are numerous and entrancing.

The hike displayed on Komoot

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  1. Can’t get into this latest blog. Comes up “suspicious link”, leads to untrusted site.

    Had s reply from Max. X


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