GR13B from Moret to Nemours

It’s been years now since I hiked one of France’s GR paths, the long-distance hiking trails that crisscross the country in every region. Now that I am confined to France and unable to do my planned hikes in Germany, I have decided to do several stages of a local one, the GR 13B, that runs from the town of Moret-sur-Loing, just a few kilomètres from home, to Bourbon-Lancy in Burgundy. The first few stages, as far as Montargis, can be done in a series of day trips by train.

And so, after leaving my car at the station in Moret, I set off for Nemours, a 25-km hike along the Loing valley, alternating meadows, woodland, open fields, villages and canal towpaths. A very pleasant and easy hike that takes in one of my favourite spots in the local area, the village of Grez-sur-Loing, an ideal lunch stop after 18 km.

And, from Nemours, it was just a brief train ride back to Moret to pick up the car.

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