Sorques and Montigny-sur-Loing

A 14-km hike on a sunny afternoon in May, starting from the Sorques nature reserve car park. This trail follows the edge of the reserve along the banks of the Loing, past some beautiful meadows, before heading into the woods to lead uphill and across the main road and the railway line. It then reaches Montigny-sur-Loing through the forest before crossing the pretty back streets of the town and heading down to follow the railway line past more meadows back to Sorques.

The great thing about this period of lockdown that we’re living through is that it forces us to adapt. Normally, by now, I should have been hiking the Mitttelweg of the Black Forest, but with foreign and even distant domestic travel still not allowed, we’re exploring this part of France that has been home for 25 years now. It’s crazy how you can live somewhere and, because of all kinds of everyday concerns, end up knowing other countries better than your own back  yard (because travel gets you away from those concerns). And so we’ve been discovering beautiful spots that we have never seen before within a 20-km radius , all thanks to this handy little book…


Today’s hike was number 30 in the book (although I cut out 4 km with a shortcut in Montigny because I had set off too late in the day). The 15-km hike the other day straight from home was number 21. Hopefully, by this time next month, I’ll have done most of the others.

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