Costa Brava – Day 12

On the final day, the trail took me from Banyuls to Collioure, the last 18 kilometres, with 750 metres of ascents once again. It was another sunny, hot day and it was pretty tough terrain at times, but the arrival in Collioure made up for any minor discomfort along the way. Breakfast at the hotel… Continue reading Costa Brava – Day 12

Costa Brava – Day 11

The 11th and penultimate day was a fairly tough 17-km hike along the coast from Portbou to Banyuls in France, with another 750 metres of ascents. The paths were stony and some of the climbs pretty steep but the scenery was spectacular once again. Breakfast at the hotel already had a hint of France –… Continue reading Costa Brava – Day 11

Costa Brava – Day 10

Day 10 of the trail was a 20-km hike with 550 m of ascents from El Port de la Selva to Portbou, the last stop on the Spanish side of the border. The morning was mostly easy walking on trails along the sea past some very pretty beaches and inlets, occasionally on boardwalks. The afternoon… Continue reading Costa Brava – Day 10

Costa Brava – Day 9

Day 9 took me from Cadaqués to El Port de la Selva, a 24-km hike with another 750 m of ascents over some of the stoniest terrain encountered so far. It was a tough day, notably because the trail markings vanished in a very tricky area to negotiate, but truly spectacular and one of the… Continue reading Costa Brava – Day 9

Costa Brava – Day 8

Day 8 took me from Roses to Cadaqués, a 22-km hike with 750 m of ascents. A tough day of stony paths through the Cap de Creus Natural Park, but with the magnificent reward of Cadaqués at the end of it. Breakfast at the hotel was excellent again. There were quite a few French guests… Continue reading Costa Brava – Day 8

Costa Brava – Day 7

Day 7 would be the big one, distance-wise. It was indicated as a 31-km hike in the guidebook (with just 150 m of ascents), but I ended up walking 35 at least and, by the time I’d gone to dinner in the evening and returned to the hotel, I was probably up to 40 for… Continue reading Costa Brava – Day 7

Costa Brava – Day 6

Today’s hike took me from L’Estartit to another small coastal town, L’Escala. Around 20 km with 650 m of ascents, it looked fairly straightforward on the map but turned out to be quite tough because of the terrain, adding a new word to my Spanish hiking vocabulary. But more of that later. I got to… Continue reading Costa Brava – Day 6

Costa Brava – Day 5

For the fifth day, I had the choice of either following the coast or taking an inland trail through a number of rice-growing villages, either 18 km via the coast or 32 km via the interior. I opted for the coast, especially as the wind in the night had cleared the clouds away and there… Continue reading Costa Brava – Day 5