The Alpe-Adria trail

I don’t remember how I first heard about the Alpe-Adria trail. Maybe it was a magazine article but it’s more likely that aimless surfing on the web led me to read about it. Right away, I knew I wanted to walk it. The idea of linking Austria (where my previous hiking experiences had left me… Continue reading The Alpe-Adria trail

The Harz Witches’ Trail

For the last multi-day hike of 2020, before winter and a new lockdown (which would last much longer than we initially thought), I left Paris on October 23rd with my favourite travel and hiking companion, my wife Odile, to walk the Harz Witches’ Trail (the Harzer-Hexen-Stieg) in central Germany. With Halloween coming up, we felt… Continue reading The Harz Witches’ Trail

The Black Forest Mittelweg

In the midst of these crazy times, after cancelling two long-distance hikes because of the pandemic, I’m finally setting off on another multi-day trail. The Paris region where I live in France is still on the German government’s list of risk areas, even though my village of just 200 people is 80 km out of… Continue reading The Black Forest Mittelweg

The Black Forest Westweg – Part One – Pforzheim to Hausach

The Black Forest in south-west Germany, just across the border from France, is criss-crossed by numerous hiking trails. Three major ones run north to south, the Westweg, the Mittelweg and the Ostweg. All three begin in Pforzheim and end, respectively, in Basel, Waldshut and Schaffhausen on the Rhine. The Westweg, with its 13 days of… Continue reading The Black Forest Westweg – Part One – Pforzheim to Hausach