The Black Forest Mittelweg

In the midst of these crazy times, after cancelling two long-distance hikes because of the pandemic, I’m finally setting off on another multi-day trail. The Paris region where I live in France is still on the German government’s list of risk areas, even though my village of just 200 people is 80 km out of… Continue reading The Black Forest Mittelweg

The Black Forest Westweg – Part One – Pforzheim to Hausach

The Black Forest in south-west Germany, just across the border from France, is criss-crossed by numerous hiking trails. Three major ones run north to south, the Westweg, the Mittelweg and the Ostweg. All three begin in Pforzheim and end, respectively, in Basel, Waldshut and Schaffhausen on the Rhine. The Westweg, with its 13 days of… Continue reading The Black Forest Westweg – Part One – Pforzheim to Hausach

GR13B from Moret to Nemours

It’s been years now since I hiked one of France’s GR paths, the long-distance hiking trails that crisscross the country in every region. Now that I am confined to France and unable to do my planned hikes in Germany, I have decided to do several stages of a local one, the GR 13B, that runs… Continue reading GR13B from Moret to Nemours

Misy-sur-Yonne loop

Hike number three in the book of a local hikes. We did this early on a Sunday morning. The first section along the river is pleasant enough. However, the second half is deadly boring on dirt tracks through fields and sparse forest land, with the high speed train creating a terrific din just a hundred… Continue reading Misy-sur-Yonne loop

Donnemarie-Dontilly and the Brie region’s mediaeval churches

A fantastic 18-km hike done on an early September day when the weather was absolutely perfect. From the pretty little town of Donnemarie-Dontilly, this hike takes in a number of small hamlets and villages, each one of which has its own church, some in a spectacular position, such as the church at Paroy on top… Continue reading Donnemarie-Dontilly and the Brie region’s mediaeval churches